BrickArms are not only made at the factory, they are also made at the BrickArms Workshop!

As I test new designs, I cut injection molds to let me inject plastic and see how the parts will look.

Sometimes, I inject a few in crazy colors, and instead of storing them away in a dusty snapcase, high on a shelf, I package them a "Workshop Wonders" and send them to some of my trusted resellers so that they can make them available to you! My resellers do not know what I will send - they only know that they items will be interesting, and that someone out there (maybe even YOU?) will like them.

I don't make them very often, but I have over 500 prototype molds, and you never know which mold I'll grab from the drawer and inject with a crazy color of ABS plastic!

Be sure to follow my Instagram, where I let you know where the latest batch is headed. Workshop Wonders are occasionally avilable at:

The BrickChest
Nashvegas Bricks
United Bricks
The Minifig Co
Forest Moon Bricks